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The Suboxone Clinic Buffalo Trusts

At Buffalo Suboxone Doctors, our mission is to provide comprehensive opioid addiction treatment that is grounded in evidence-based practices and personalized for each individual who suffers from opioid use disorder.

As the most trusted opioid addiction treatment provider in Buffalo, New York, we provide medical and psychological services that contribute to long-term recovery. Our experienced team of physicians offers medication-assisted treatment options such as Suboxone combined with counseling and therapy. We provide in-person and online telemedicine appointments so that individuals have greater access to care, no matter their location or time restraints.

We believe these services provide a holistic approach to opioid dependence, empowering individuals to heal through specialized treatments geared toward their specific needs. We make it our priority to help those who have been affected by opioid misuse overcome their challenges and move forward on the path to lasting change so they can lead healthier and drug-free lives.

What is Suboxone?

At our opioid addiction treatment facility, Suboxone is an essential part of treatment for opioid use. We understand that withdrawal symptoms can be highly uncomfortable and frightening, and Suboxone helps treat those symptoms safely. This medication combines buprenorphine and naloxone, which block opioid receptors in the brain and mimics the effect of opioids without resulting in a high; this combination decreases cravings while preventing misuse and abuse.

It is imperative to our treatment plan that patients understand not only how they should take this medication but also what it does and why it’s beneficial. That’s why we dedicate time to educating them on proper instructions for taking Suboxone as well as sharing with them its important yet gentle effects. Our goal is to provide the best treatment possible, so open communication is key to their understanding and successful outcomes.

Benefits of Getting Suboxone Treatment

Battling opioid addiction can be a long, challenging journey, and access to the proper treatment is vital. We provide access to treatment that not only treats addiction but also helps individuals manage their substance use disorder. Here are some of the key reasons why individuals should access our services:

  • Comprehensive care: Our comprehensive care model provides access to education, counseling, and medications needed for the successful management of addiction and maximizes the benefits of treatment.
  • Virtual clinic: We understand the difficulties of accessing physical clinics due to work or other commitments. Our virtual clinic provides flexibility and convenience for Suboxone treatment without needing to leave your home.
  • Interdisciplinary approach: We take a multidisciplinary approach to treating opioid addictions incorporating multiple disciplines, including medical, psychological, and social approaches as required.
  • Experienced team: Our team of experienced professionals has worked hard to provide access to evidence-based treatments and has dealt with many cases over the years, so you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands.
  • Effective treatment options: Suboxone treatment is recognized as an effective treatment option for opioid addiction, helping individuals recover from opioid use disorder and keep cravings under control without having to use drugs or alcohol again.
  • Mental health support: We understand that unresolved mental health issues can lead to substance abuse. We also offer access to qualified mental health professionals who can help you address these issues if needed.
  • Different forms of payment available: We accept most health insurance and various forms of payments geared toward assisting those who need it most while still providing them access to quality treatments they deserve regardless of financial ability or resources available.
  • Improved quality of life: Utilizing our services allows individuals to improve their quality of life by reducing dependence on opioids while they improve their overall support systems, which leads them toward achieving greater success and better outcomes.
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Success Rate of Suboxone Treatment:

The success rate of Suboxone treatment is high, with figures estimating up to 75% reduction in opioid drug use when treatment is received from a reputable clinic such as the Buffalo Suboxone Doctors. On average, people who take Suboxone treatment find that they have less difficulty achieving abstinence than those without medications.

Moreover, studies have concluded that treatment incorporating medication, behavioral therapy, and counseling has much higher success rates than treatment with only psychotherapy or medical treatment alone. This treatment response supports long-term recovery outcomes, improved well-being, reduced substance abuse and rehabilitation costs, as well as decreased mortality risk, among other benefits.

Areas We Service:

Buffalo Suboxone Doctors proudly offers a range of virtual services to help support the local community through opioid use disorder treatment. We provide in-person, telehealth, and online appointments across the state so that all individuals can access the care they need.

Our virtual clinic allows us to connect with patients and offer our treatment of opioid use within Buffalo, New York, including Amherst, Cheektowaga, Tonawanda, Lockport, Niagara Falls, Lewiston, Depew, Hamburg, Batavia, and Orchard Park. Not only do we serve many areas within Buffalo, but our virtual clinic also enables us to extend our resources beyond city limits, ensuring that anyone battling substance use has access to quality treatment providers.

With these virtual services, gone are the days of waiting for conventional treatments – individuals no longer need to travel far or wait long periods of time for effective opioid use disorder care with the Buffalo Suboxone Doctors.

Range of Services at our Suboxone Clinic:

Medication-Assisted Therapy - Suboxone Treatment

We provide Suboxone as part of our medication-assisted program for those struggling with opioid addiction. Medication-assisted treatment is a comprehensive treatment program that combines medication, such as Suboxone, with behavioral therapies and supports to treat opioid use disorder.

MAT uses an evidence-based approach to address the various components of opioid addiction and its underlying causes, empowering individuals through medication and other resources to gain more control over their recovery outcomes. When used in combination with support services like counseling and behavioral therapy, MAT helps individuals to successfully treat their opioid use disorder safely and effectively.

Behavioral Therapy

When it comes to behavioral health treatment, we understand that one of the keys to a successful recovery journey is continuous treatment and consistency in care. That is why our team of experienced treatment providers offers behavioral therapy as part of our comprehensive approach to care.

We help navigate challenges faced by individuals with medication-assisted treatment. This includes how behavioral therapy has often been shown to be very beneficial in helping those on Suboxone or other medication-assisted treatment regimens learn coping skills and build stronger relationships with their healthcare professionals, ultimately leading to better compliance with their respective treatment plans.


We understand that treatment of opioid use can be an arduous journey and a challenge to undertake. That is why we strive to provide an exceptional therapeutic experience along with our medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program. We offer tailored counseling services for individuals dealing with addiction through both in-person sessions and a convenient telemedicine program. Our professional counseling staff believes in creating personalized treatment plans that work for each patient’s needs.

Furthermore, our counselors can develop deep relationships with their patients to have meaningful conversations about the person’s behaviors, triggers, challenges, and overall treatment journey more effectively. Counseling plays an integral role in recovery from opioid use disorder and is an essential piece of treatment at the Buffalo Suboxone Doctors.

Personalized Outpatient Treatment Program

At Buffalo Suboxone Doctors, personalized outpatient programs are designed to give people a confidential service and support system as they face addiction. We understand that each case is unique in its own right and personalized treatment is essential for successful and sustainable recovery.

We work with individuals through our online and in-person clinics to create tailored services, from behavioral therapies to medication-assisted treatments. Our team of professional counselors, nurses, psychiatrists, and doctors specializes in delivering comprehensive care, considering each patient’s needs.

We provide a confidential and supportive environment so everyone can feel secure when opening up about their struggles with addiction. With counseling, guidance, compassion, and care, we hope to enable those battling substance abuse to find strength within themselves and cultivate healthier lives free of addiction.

End the Cycle of Addiction

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At Buffalo Suboxone Clinic, we are committed to long-term recovery for individuals struggling with addiction. Our confidential service provides customized treatment plans that address each patient’s unique needs. Our clinic also offers both in-person and virtual online appointments as well as accepts most insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid.

We provide coordinated outpatient care through our team of expert psychiatrists, counselors, and mental health professionals who help individuals on the path to recovery. Through our expertise and commitment to those battling addiction, you can be sure that you will receive the proper help that you need.

Take the first step on your journey to recovery. Contact us today; together, we can make a difference.